This is so cool! Did you know that Boise State has a program where students with similar interests live together with in-residence professors?

I just found about about this today. As part of Boise State Universities resident hall communities, they have a program where students and in-residence professors live and learn together based on their interests, with sever different fields of interest. This takes the on-campus resident experience to a new level. When I was in college, me and my roommate and the people in my residence hall could not have been any more different or had more strikingly different interests; I was a film major, my roommate was an education major, our bathroom mate was a kinesiology major. Some were gamers, some were hikers, it was really a big mix of people which is nice because it exposes you to different personality types and ideas, but imagine being able to live and learn with people who get excited about the same things you do!

The living learning program offers eight different communities; communication and exploration, engineering and innovation, health professionals, leadership and engagement, stem education and more!

To me, this may have been the deal maker for college. I had such a hard time staying focused and all of my friends were doing such different things. I community like one of the above may have drawn my attention a little bit more, possibly making it so that I would have earned a degree. The other thing is that when I was 18 years old, I was wildly immature and couldn't handle the responsibility of college. Maybe I'll enroll at BSU and try again now that I've wised up a bit with age, though I don't think my wife will allow me to live on campus!

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