For some really creative April Fool's Day joke ideas, all we have to do is watch an episode of The Office.  Remember the episode where Jim feeds Dwight an Altoid every time he hears the Windows login chime, to get him to try to salivate like Pavlov's dog?  Some pranks take more time than others to set up.

Here's the history behind April Fool's Day, and more prank ideas so you can get your kids and co-workers good on Friday.

If you paint clear fingernail polish onto a bar of soap, the soap won't lather because the suds are all sealed up tight.  That's a good way to surprise your spouse, as long as you don't mind if they don't smell fresh as a daisy on Friday.  If you like a squeaky-clean spouse you might want to pass on that one.

To entertain the kids, you can hand them a cup of juice that's really made of jello, and when they try to drink it, it's hard as a rock.  At least it won't spill.

Piling confetti on top of a ceiling fan is another idea, and when someone flicks on the switch it will go everywhere.  Think they'll clean up the mess too?

Here's a good one if you can get into someone's computer.  Set their desktop to a screen shot of the desktop, so all of the icons are there, but they're frozen.  That poor guy can't click on the icons and they might call IT in a panic before they figure out that you're just messing with them.  How frustrating!  And awesome to watch from the next cubicle.

Why do we have April Fool's Day, anyway?  France changed calendars in 1582, and they started celebrating the new year on January 1 instead of April 1.  Historians think that anyone that kept celebrating on April 1 was considered a fool.  And then somewhere along the way we started using the day as an opportunity to put whoopee cushions on chairs and fake propose.

What's the best April Fool's Day joke you've ever been part of?  Inspire us.

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