Along with the rides, fried foods, entertainment and other fair fun, there's the animals! Check out the best chicken jokes from the Western Idaho Fair for a guaranteed LOL.

Look, are these jokes you're going to hear on the Tonight Show? Probably not, but in my opinion, you should! So I went to the Western Idaho Fair and it was such a blast running around and checking out all the vendors, riding the rides, eating! I mean I had friend Oreos, a friend onion, the tastiest corn dog of my life, a turkey leg. Let's just say I'm glad it was a long walk back to my car so I could burn at least some of those calories off.

Once I was over the whole food situation, I decided to go see the animals; with cows, goats, pigs and sheep as far as the eye can see, it was fun to see these animals up close and in person. Then we hit the room with the birds; there were pigeons, chickens, turkeys and more. They also had bunnies, guinea pigs and all those other exciting creatures. Now, the chicken... What a relationship we have with the chicken, right? Looking this bird in the eye knowing I'm going to eat one of its kind in the near future, I mean I love chicken... Well, chicken stood up for himself and squawked at me in a tone that could have only been translated as hurling obscenities, so after that, even after our moment of eye contact, I don't mind sharing these chicken jokes with you...

The Best Chicken Jokes From The Western Idaho Fair

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