If you've got those brown bags full of leaves stacked in your driveway and you're wondering when someone is going to pick them up, the answer is...soon!  Boise crews are a little overwhelmed with fall right now, but help is on the way.

The City of Boise said this week on Twitter, "Due to the incredible amount of leaves and compostable material, there have been some delays in collection. Please keep carts/bags out until they're collected. Questions? Please contact curbit@cityofboise.org or (208) 345-1266. Thank you for your patience and participation."

The trucks will be coming around eventually to collect our stuff and we just need to be patient.

The other thing that usually happens around this time of year, is a brown bag shortage, right?  I was able to find a bundle of brown paper bags at Walmart the other day, but soon all of the home improvement sections will be fresh out of these handy leaf holders.  Then what?  When they ask us at the grocery store, "Paper or plastic," I guess the right answer will be, "Paper."  And lots of it.

Fall is beautiful in the Treasure Valley, but it's also messy.  Just when you get the leaves raked out of your own yard, the wind blows and your neighbor's mess ends up under your tree and you've got leaves galore again and it looks like you're not keeping up.

Anyone ready for snow?  We're getting there.

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