Boise is in a section of Southern Idaho that has one week left before the gorgeous fall leaves peak, and then give up on the season and fall off.  So, exactly how long do we have to find a guy on the dating apps to come and rake 'em?

Much of the country is reaching a fall foliage peak in the next week or two, and Boise is on that list.

I have a huge tree in my front yard, and every year I wait for the leaves to turn a pretty orangish autumn color, and every year I'm surprised when the color seems to go from green to light green before the leaves completely dry up, turn brown, and fall off.  If you have a gorgeous red maple or a few brilliant aspens in your neighborhood, you are winning at life this time of year.

Only In Your State says Boise is a great place to view a "wide variety" of fall foliage, and along with Sun Valley, the Treasure Valley is one of the top places in the state for orange, yellow, and crimson leaves.

Now is the best time to soak in the autumn views (while drinking a pumpkin spice latte with a pretzel dipped in it because it enhances the impact), and the peak views will last through October 11th.

Only in Your State suggested these Idaho cities for a fall foliage road trip:

Coeur d'Alene
Hells Canyon National Recreation Area
Ponderosa State Park
Sawtooth National Forest
Owyhee River Wilderness

About Boise, they said it's "Perhaps the most perfect place" for yellow, orange, and crimson leaves.  In other words, we gotta stop mindlessly driving by and really soak them in and really be the City of Trees, right?  Camel's Back Park and Table Rock should have some breathtaking views right now.

All of our beautiful leaves here are creating a to-do list as we speak, and it won't be long until we're raking them into endless piles, so it's time to get on the dating apps and find a helper.  I really did this once, and Steven was nice enough to help trim my shrubs with hedge shears too.

Leaf-raking is the perfect first date really, because there's an activity happening and that always erases any potential awkwardness, other than the reality that you're raking leaves on a date.  If it goes well, you can both fall into a pile and get on with the romance.

Its another reason to love autumn in Boise.

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