I LOVE this time of year! The leaves changing, the vibrant blue skies against the fall colors, the crisp air, the pumpkins, the haunted corn mazes, kids trick or treating, scary movie Sunday....the list goes on and on! The one thing I will admit that I do not like is dressing up in a costume. Don't get me wrong, I am not one to miss a party but I suck at the costume thing. And I have been hosting Halloween parties since I graduated college, so I couldn't avoid the dress up. I want to feel confident and comfortable when I go out. Not yanking on my skirt because it is so short my cheeks are showing! I will admit, if I put more time into my costume I might have a different opinion of costumes, but even the store bought ones reject my body. The only time I have loved my Halloween costume is when I dressed up as Flow from the Progressive commercials a few years ago. I felt like I really pulled that one off. I was getting tons of compliments at our MIX 106 party. Then someone came up to me and said, you just got trumped...a Sexy Flow walked in and she looks amazing. I will agree, the girl was beautiful and had a rockin' body. But when did Flow become sexy?

If you are going to dress up as something, then shouldn't you try and look as close to it as possible? Why do we need to sexify everything?! Flow doesn't wear a mini skirt with a crop top. A Big Bird costume is not feather pasties and a yellow feather loin cloth! There is nothing sexy about Buzz Light Year! He is a child's toy! Halloween costume parties anymore mean skin to win and that is why I lose every year.  I don't feel comfortable with my butt hanging out of my skirt or my tummy being exposed or wearing a top that was basically meant for a 6 year old girl! We have lost all perspective on Halloween. The point of the costume was to dress up and look like something you are not. The point is not to take something and make it as sexy as possible. There is nothing sexy about Winnie the Pooh. He hangs out with a guy named Piglet and a T-double Grrr-rrr.

Yes you have an amazing body, then dress up as something that is supposed to be sexy, like a belly dancer, a genie or a stripper. I do love costumes and seeing all the creative things people can pull off. I know I see Halloween way different than a man. I just asked Mike for ideas of things that are already sexy that a woman could dress up as and he listed things like, Raggedy Anne, Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse. Mike! Hello Kitty is not sexy! It's a cat face. It's a chic looking for an excuse to show the ta-tas! If you are thinking, geez, she is old. No, I am not. I have always thought this way about Halloween. Not all costumes can be sexy. Sometimes skin shouldn't win. But I know I will lose this battle everytime. The year I went as a scary vampire, I basically could have talked to the wall all night and had more chit chat then I was getting with the crowd. Skin to Win attracts and sexy Big Bird will trump my Flow costume anytime. That is why I will stick to my big bowl of Reece's Peanut Cups and the solo trick or treator on Skid Row. Happy Harvest!