It's the happiest time of the year! Or is it the most stressful time of the year? With this contrast it's no wonder that crazy things can happen when the entire family gets shoved together in front of a tree yanked out of the ground and stuck in the middle of the living room!

Christmas Arrest

Is it too much eggnog? Is it the stress of dealing with all the "other" crazy shoppers at the mall? Is it that one light bulb that keeps all the others from lighting up and ruining your outdoor Christmas Bonanza display? It is usually one little thing that sets off the Christmas fireworks and I am not talking about the beautiful display in the Christmas sky, I am talking about the fireworks of yelling, screaming, food throwing, crying and all that involves family. The fireworks went off on Skid Row on Christmas Eve. One of my neighbors got into a screaming fight with his wife in the middle of their front yard at about 10pm. It was classy with a capital K! As these two were screaming and yelling at each other, the rest of their family came outside to join in the festivities! In their defense they were trying to get the loving couple back inside and into a more private environment but when your get swung at, the only option you have is to fight back. Walking away is not an option on Skid Row! And that's how the fight began and that's why the cops were called! There were 37 arrests in Ada County between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! And those were just the arrests, the police were called out way more than that....some just didn't get cuffed and stuffed! Past or present, why did the cops get called to your Christmas celebration?

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