I Love Halloween because of the sexy costumes. Skin to win, baby! But it has become ridiculous.  You can't just make something sexy and call it a Halloween  costume.  Need proof?  Check out these "sexy" Halloween costumes, that really don't make any sense.


Mike Kasper,Townsquare media

Sexy Ear of Corn.   What the hell is sexy about an ear of corn.  How about a Sexy Pizza?.  All I can say is WTH, food should never be slutty or sexy!

One of the worst has got to be Sexy Bryan from Family Guy.  This one really makes no sense.  It's a cartoon dog, that is a guy, and now it's sexy.  Sorry, I just don't get it.  And it's not all that sexy either.

Click on the video to see some of the worst sexy costume ideas of the year and click on the link below to see the Huffington Post's 32 sexy costumes that make no sense.