National What Day?

Boise, Idaho. Apparently National Signing Day is a thing. For college football teams, I'm learning it's actually a really big thing.

Top Prospects

I was minding my own business yesterday when my Twitter feed and my local news apps were flooded with updates from Boise State Football followers. Curious, I clicked on a bunch of the notifications and fell into a Bronco Nation rabbit hole!

My time in Wonderland was as fascinating as it was amusing. I quickly realized that the "signing" in National Signing Day refers to football recruits who sign letters of intent to play for college football teams. The early signing period kicked off on Wednesday, Dec. 21!

This year, Boise State recruited 22 top prospects from around the nation. Of the 22, two football players are Idaho natives! Congratulations to Cole Miller of Boise and Carson Rasmussen of Meridian, Boise State's newest Broncos!

Photo Credit: Boise State Football // @BroncoSportsFB
Photo Credit: Boise State Football // @BroncoSportsFB

We're Puttin' You In Coach 

Signing Day isn't just about acquiring top athletes! As it turns out, coaches sign their own letters of intent. This year, Boise State re-signed Spencer Danielson.

Danielson's history with BSU athletics dates back to 2017 when he was the defensive coordinator under head coach Andy Avalos. Congratulations, Spencer! Boise is thrilled to have you #BleedBlue for two more seasons!

Scroll for a gallery featuring all 22 Boise State sign-ons!

Signing Day: Boise State Signs 22 Top Football Prospects

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