I was driving with the family to grab some snow cones before the show today when this happened. I jumped in the car and my wife was fuming 😡

Boise made wearing masks mandatory on the 4th of July and just this week it became the same for all of Ada County. You must wear a mask. Period.

Across the parking lot was a taco truck with tables where customers enjoy lunch. I guess these teens walked by 3 grown men who began mocking them for wearing masks. Really? We live in a society where suicide rates are threw the roof and so many of those cases stem from moments like this.

Why is it okay to mock everyone else for just following the rules? I have a little girl and boy that I'm responsible for. I have to do everything in my power to keep them safe and if that means wearing a mask, I'm wearing a damn mask. The real question I'm struggling with is whether it's our responsibility to say something.

Idaho added 609 new confirmed cases today and that's a record. If you're out with your family should you say something? Is it our duty as Idahoans or is it just none of our business? Makes me nervous. People aren't just getting sick and dying from the coronavirus. Neighbors are killing each other over mask arguments.

These are happening all over the country.

Have this conversation so you know how to handle the situation. This is just the beginning as more stores continue to enforce mask rules. Best Buy just announced you can't enter without a mask. Be careful when you approach someone without a mask because you never know. Be safe.


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