Drive-in theaters may seem like a memory of years past, but there's actually seven still in operation here in Idaho! In fact, Idaho has one of the largest concentrations of drive-ins in the country.

If you or your kids have never seen a movie at a drive in, it's time to check one out!  First of all, it's generally cheaper to see a movie because in most cases you get charged by the car load rather than head count. Have multiple kids? You're still charged for just the one car!

Additionally, while not always recommended, you're able to bring in your own food and drinks which is significantly cheaper than purchasing concessions. The best? If you have little ones who have trouble sitting through an entire movie or you're worried about them crying - you have your own car and space so you don't need to worry about disturbing others. In fact, you can let them run around the car a few times and go to bed when they get tired. Because unlike movie theaters, you can simply turn down the volume in your car.

I grew up in Grangeville and the Sunset Auto view is where I saw most of my movies and I'm glad to report that they still show movies there every summer.

And for a little history the Spud Drive-in in Driggs was the first drive in in the nation to upgrade to a digital movie projector.

Thanks to you can check out all the drive-in locations and addresses here



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