What an incredible day Saturday was. Boise Music Festival again proved to be one of the biggest and best outdoor festivals in the state of Idaho. And honestly, I think it could be considered for one of the best in the Northwest. Here are a few of the pics I took during this amazing day. 

If you came out and experienced everything that was BMF... you get it. The feeling you got walking through the gates as the summer heat is just waking up. The smell of the simmering food that wafts in your face as you get closer almost pulling you to it with every step. And the booming and banging of the bands as they get ready for a day of music filled excitement.  Or how about the buzz and hum of the people just walking by talking about how they can't wait to see Flo-Rida perform, or what it was like hearing a Band Perry song on the radio for the first time and how they felt. THIS was #BMF2017. To say that it was a good day is an understatement. IT was an AMAZING DAY! Throughout the week I'm going to be sharing some of the pics I stole during the festival. Here is the first go around. Hope you enjoy.

To see all your faces filled with joy and just loving every minute of the day is the reason why BMF is such a huge success. Thank you for letting us be a part of your day. I'll have more pics from my phone tomorrow so keep coming back to take a look. And I'd love to see BMF through your eyes. - JD

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