We know you always obey the law and buckle up, but just in case you need some encouragement, the annual seat belt enforcement campaign starts Monday, and officers will be looking to hand tickets to unbuckled folks.

Have you known someone who didn't wear a seat belt and died in a car accident?  I have.

A high school acquaintance of mine was headed home one summer night, driving alone up on a raised road that bordered a golf course when she lost control of the vehicle.  She was not wearing a seat belt and was partially ejected when the car turned on its side and slid down the embankment about half way.  When police officers got there they found that she had died several yards from the wreckage, after trying to crawl to find help.  It wasn't a highly traveled area and it was dark, and the mangled car wasn't discovered until several hours later by someone who was passing by.  No one can be sure that a seat belt would have saved her life, but it would have helped.

Do you buckle up?  I do.  But I get confused about the rules that apply to car seats and booster seats.  My three girls are between the ages of 5 and 9, and I'm not really sure when I'm supposed to graduate them to the next level of safety seat so I did some research to save us some worry, and a fine.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, all kids under 7 should to be an a car seat or booster seat.

Drivinglaws.org has this advice:

Infants should be in rear-facing infant seats.

Kids less than 20 to 40 pounds should be in a forward-facing child safety seat.

Kids 40 to 80 pounds should be in booster seats.

Kids that have outgrown the booster seat and are 80 to 100 pounds, and younger than the age of 13, should wear a seat belt in the back seat.

Police officers, sheriff's deputies, and state troopers will all be watching starting Monday, and through Memorial Day weekend.

The Idaho Transportation Department says the annual Mobilization SEAT BELTS campaign runs from May 22 through June 4.

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