It's something we all learn from an early age, to always wear our seat belt when traveling in a vehicle. There are times that it might be uncomfortable or annoying but after so many years it seems like I don't even notice it anymore. Although, after the reminder I got this week I will make sure that I buckle up every time.

It started when I got a random call from my mother, which is always appreciated but it seemed out of the blue so I made sure to pick it up. It was then that I found out my oldest brother (Chris) was a passenger in a car crash where a vehicle had flipped.

I knew recently that my brother had a job change and this new job included working very long days. When he was almost done (just 15 miles from home) is when the incident took place.

Photo courtesy of Chris Henson


The person driving the work truck he was in fell asleep behind the wheel. My brother was asleep in the passenger seat and woke up to the banging of metal as the vehicle he was in collided with a van. Unfortunately, my brother wasn't wearing his seat belt but luckily no one had to be transported to the hospital via ambulance.

Photo courtesy of Chris Henson

Chris is now recovering at home with a big knot on his chin from hitting the dash board. We are all counting our blessings that this accident and injuries weren't worse. Please learn from this lesson, always wear your seat belt and if you're tired make sure you aren't driving.