Look, we'll never have anything on Florida and Florida man but Idaho Woman is shooting her shot by making national headlines.

About five and a half hours North of the Treasure Valley, on the border of Idaho and Washington, the two towns of Clarkston, WA and Lewiston sit patiently waiting to make a national headline. Well, they finally did this week when a woman was charged with felony third-degree assault, according to the Lewiston Tribune, after she,

"allegedly threw a pair of cowboy boots at a Clarkston police officer who was chasing her Wednesday afternoon."

This all happened in a Dollar Tree parking lot where she was apparently prowling cars when someone reported this to the police. An officer approached the woman and she apparently threw a pair of cowboy boots at him, but then he caught her. By the way, this could get ya a $10,000 fine.

So yeah, this isn't quite Florida man crazy, but it definitely has an Idaho twist, right? 2020 has been a bit stressful and chaotic for a lot of people and has lead people to making some bad or desperate decisions and this is just one example. As we wrap up the year and head into the holidays, let's try and respect each other. Let's keep our cowboy boots to ourselves and try and enjoy life a little bit, ya know?

And big shout out to the town of Lewiston, Idaho for making some national noise for their little town, and for the great state of Idaho!

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