C4 Creamery serves a unique form of ice cream called "rolled ice cream bowls." They are described as being "Instagrammable and absolutely delicious" according to the creamery's website and and indeed they are. I went to treat myself by visiting their shop on S. Cole Rd near Victory Rd. the other night. I intended to bring the ice cream home and take some instagrammable snaps but I finished my ice cream before I even got home.

The process to make and enjoy this special ice cream is simple: pour, freeze, roll, and taste. I used to a visit a place like this all the time when I lived in Indiana called Sub-zero where they use nitrogen gas to magically transform the ingredients into ice cream which is a similar process to C4 Creamery. Instead, the surface itself is actually frozen at C4 Creamy which allows them to perfectly form the ice cream and serve it rolled. The ingredients become frozen right in front of you which is the cool part! This is honestly some of the best ice cream I've ever had so I'm excited to see this concept expand in the Treasure Valley and pop up in Boise Towne Square.

Boise Dev is reporting that C4 Creamery has applied to open a small shop near the Boise Town Square Mall. What used to be Chess Cafe will soon be C4 Creamery's second location in the Treasure Valley.

“We immediately fell in love with the concept and came together as a family to create a unique and fun experience for the Treasure Valley," the owners state on their website. "We started out as a mobile tent and got our first big break at the Capital City Public Market making hand-crafted rolled ice cream for the Boise community and those visiting the area.”

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