I've never seen a meme that spoke directly into my soul like this one... Have you ever rented a home in Boise? Ever rented an older home in Boise? You'll relate...

Particularly if you've ended up in a home in the North End. I mean, the most beautiful homes are out there but are still likely to have this!

Too real... And for some reason these houses all have a similar smell and I'm not sure what it is... It's not bad, it's not good, it just is... A razor and a $4 piece of plastic could fix this problem but it would take away a lot of the character you get when renting an old house. By the way, this is not at all exclusive to Boise or Boise's North End. Any city where you can find older homes is likely to have a few of these gems. And if you dig under a couple layers of paint, you might even find some old school floral, tacky wall paper. That's when you've effectively struck rental house GOLD. Some other interesting things you may find in older homes is beautiful wooden floors covered by tacky looking linoleum.

Now I'm not saying it's a generational thing because that would be rude but I'm also not saying it's NOT a generational thing cause as a 34 year old millennial, I'm down with some good old fashioned wooden floors that haven't been ruined with linoleum, you know what I mean? Anyway, hope you enjoyed these memes!

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