I had never thought about getting on Tinder. That was until today's show and I found out that Tinder pick up lines are pure comedy! If you don't believe me, click here.

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I have completely changed my mind. I will be downloading Tinder to my phone the minute I get done typing. I've heard the stories, "it's a hook-up app, no one is looking for a relationship"....etc. I don't want to  be on Tinder to get a little action, I want to get on Tinder for comic relief. Apparently the messages that people are sending to each other are sexual innuendos and bad pick up lines. I can do that! The whole "Going to Oklahoma" lingo came from tiny brain. This is perfect for me! Plus, I think I am funny, especially when I am texting someone and my humor normally sinks like a brick in a pool. What I envision is laughing all day long while getting these Tinder messages. Free entertainment! If you need a good laugh, click on the button below. If you find it as funny as I do, maybe I will see on you Tinder!

WARNING: The link below contains adult and sometimes offensive language.

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