If you're a dog owner you may know what I mean when I say that just like humans, dogs can have crushes too! My dog Luna has the biggest crush on this husky who lives in the neighborhood. Every time she sees him she gets all excited and starts crying. It's a way different response compared to how she acts around any other dog and she only acts this way around him. You can tell she's in love. I even had to give her the talk about how we girls don't chase boys, we let them chase us. But she doesn't care. Luna loves this husky and wants everyone to know.

Dogs deserve to find love and companionship too, right? Pinder, a pet website inspired by the human dating app Tinder, was created for just that. It allows owners to find fur friends for their pets. Very similar to the traditional Tinder app, pet owners can swipe left or right on behalf of their pet in hopes of finding a perfect match. If there is a match, owners can start up a conversation on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or TikTok to set up some puppy play dates.

This platform is strictly for pet profiles only. The profile setup page specifies, “no humans allowed.” Normally you would be allowed to post your pets most flattering pics that show off their great personality but the rules are little different as Halloween approaches. Currently all pets must be in costume for the website’s Halloween costume contest!  The winner will then be featured on Pet Costume Center's Instagram page.


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