I was raised by my mother to be an optimist. She'd never allow us to say we were "sick", she'd say "sick is for sick people" and that we just had a cold or weren't feeling well. She also raised me to appreciate rainy days, and this past Saturday did not disappoint.

I had big plans this weekend... I was going to take my fiance to Twin Falls and we were going to kayak the river for four hours. I was a little nervous about the physical/exercise part of it but so excited. We got up early Saturday and it was cloudy, but it looked like the weather wasn't going to be as bad in Twin Falls so we got ready to go and took off. As soon as we got on the freeway, torrential rainfall began to fall.

I wasn't so nervous about driving as I was about the several big cracks in my windshield. We called the kayak place and they moved our reservation to another date which was nice, so we just drove around Boise.

We drove up into the foothills, all over downtown, we checked out Esther Simplot park, drove over to Eagle Island State Park and really just got to see some of the beauty that's right here in our face in the Treasure Valley.

Then we went home and I took a glorious rainy day nap. So, while our plans certainly changed, I sure loved the rainy day. Thanks Mom, for the optimistic perspective!

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