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Rainy Days Are The Best Days
I was raised by my mother to be an optimist. She'd never allow us to say we were "sick", she'd say "sick is for sick people" and that we just had a cold or weren't feeling well. She also raised me to appreciate rainy days, and this past Saturday did not disappoint.
National Road Trip Day!
Friday, May 22nd is National Road Trip Day AND the kickoff to Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start to summer. Time to hit the road! Here's where you should set your navigation to this weekend...
Boise Needs One of These
If you've ever been on a really long road trip to Texas, you might have seen Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. If we had one of these in Boise, would it be Cadillacs buried nose-first in the dirt, or should we do it with F-150s?

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