I have felt for a long time that I am going to win the lottery at some point in my life. Tonight's Powerball drawing is an estimated $400 million and on top of buying the winning ticket I need to be prepared for when I match all the numbers!

One of my favorite apps on my phone is the Check A Ticket app from the Idaho Lottery. I want to find out in private if I am the next Powerball winner. I don't want to find out while standing in line at the gas station in front of some lady wanting a pack of smokes. Plus, I always have a lot of tickets to check because I play every week. Tuesday and Friday I play Mega Millions. On Wednesday and Saturday, I play Powerball and I also buy a Weekly Grand ticket each week.

I hadn't checked my tickets yet from Saturday's drawing so I did it yesterday at my desk here at work. I think my winning reaction is good, but keep in mind this was only after winning a dollar and more free tickets. I will make sure to have someone capture my reaction after winning tonight's $400 million Powerball jackpot!