A pretty scary gas leak closed Pine in Meridian yesterday.

Over by Meridian Elementary School, it seems there's been some construction that has had Pine closed between Linder and Meridian roads for a while. Well, it opened back up and then Wednesday it was closed again. Here was the tweet from the Meridian Police Department:

Always a little scary where there is a gas leak... Gas is scary cause you can't smell it and it can knock you out, it can start a fire, an explosion, it's just bad all around so I'm glad the city of Meridian and Intermountain Gas were on it.

There's been some construction in that area, which is what seemed to be the culprit in this case. Yesterday's leak effected Pine a little further East than the construction closings that have been there as of late. Good news is, it's all taken care of, and there are no more detours to worry about. I've only been living here for a couple of weeks so pretty much, the whole time I've been here, Pine has been closed one way or another but hopefully they'll be finished with the construction soon!

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