Today, Savannah and I visited one of Boise's Best Attractions, the World Center for Birds of Prey. Where we got to check out a variety of birds including Owls, Vultures, Hawks, and Eagles. Although we showed up late in the day we we're able to check out their last live performance of the day at 3:30pm.

The performance included 2 species of Owls one of them was only 6 months old, and there was one local species of Hawk. It was fun learning from the employees with their question and answer panel, I found it interesting that Eagles can be one of the heaviest birds weighing over 10 pounds.

Of all the different birds I saw my favorites was the Bald Eagle, although I did think the huge Turkey Vultures were a sight to see as well. If you have a free afternoon I would recommend a visit to see the Birds of Prey, if you want more details on where they are or their house visit their facebook page by clicking here.

Here are some pics of what you could see.

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