With traditional Black Friday out the window (Hi, Covid), the gift shopping season is already in full swing as retailers started their holiday specials as early as mid October. And now Oprah has released her Favorite Things list to help guide you in getting the perfect gift. Thankfully you don't have to be Oprah rich to afford the things on this list. Here's a list of gifts under $50 that are sure to please!

Rockin JR Ranch Jams Gift Set: The J and R stand for Janice and Ray, a culinary duo that teamed up in Texas to bring their passion for jams to the masses. The gift set comes with a duo of Peach Raspberry Habanero and Strawberry Jalapeño jam.
$20 rockinjr.com
Pat's Rib Place Brown Brown Sauce and Pat’s House Sauce: Can't make it to the actual Pat's Rib Place in Wisconsin. Don't stress! They are only providing take out and delivery at this time anyway. Recreate the taste at home with a set of their signature sauces.
$24 for set of two patsribplace.com
Royal Relish Set of Three: The signature product of Winfrey foods, Royal Relish comes is made by a family recipe from the 1930's. If you're looking to add a "zesty zing" to your dishes, you've found it!
Core Leggings: ICONI (I can overcome, nothing's impossible) is the brand responsible for creating these high-waisted, curve-hugging, seamless, and flexible leggings. Perfect for your active days and not so active days.
$45 each  iconileggings.com
Peach Butta Cobbler Pie: Lush Yummies Pie Co. was founded by Jennifer Lyle. She's married her culinary skills with her granddad's recipes to share delicious pies with the world.
$45 lushyummiespie.com
So Good Fluffy Slippers: They're cozy, plush, stylish, and can be used as an outdoor slipper as well as an inside slipper. Available in 4 colors, including a charming pink.
$48 per pair twelveam.co
Hydroponic Mason Jar Garden Set Trios: An eco-conscious and chic way to start growing a garden. Coco and Seed specializes in edible plants. If you're new to gardening, this is a great place to start.
$49.50 each cocoandseed.com
Already on my list are the leggings and the jam. Binge the jam on a baguette while the leggings keep my gut sucked in. I'm a woman with a plan. Click here for the complete list of Oprah's Favorite Things.

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