Dear Mike and Nicole, My name is Carrie and I need your help. My feelings are hurt and I don’t know if I’m being too sensitive or if I have a point and should speak up. One of my really good friends is a guy that I have known for about 15 years. We have never had any time of romantic relationship. We are truly just great friends and have worked together and were even roommates for about a year. When I met my husband a few years ago, we all started hanging out and they became fast friends. So now my friend is getting married and he has asked my husband to be a groomsmen. I’m all for that. I’m not as close to his soon-to-be wife so I don’t expect to be in her party. My issue is that when we received the invitation, it says that only family and the wedding party will be at the actual ceremony and then there will be a large reception after for everyone else to join. I assumed I would be a part of the family at the ceremony because of our history and also because my husband is in the wedding party and in conversation it was basically told to me that they didn’t have room and it was a small venue, but they will “see what they can do.” Now I feel like I don’t even want them to make room for me because it would only be because I asked and not because they intended on me being a part of it. Should I tell him how hurt I am? My husband says it’s their special day and I need to remember what it was like when we were planning ours and we had to cut our list down, but I just feel like this is different. What should I do?

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