It's Hollywood award season and with the recent Golden Globes I am reminded of one of my big pet peeves when it comes to watching award shows....I don't want to hear your political views...EVER!

Dear Hollywood;

I love watching award shows. The Oscars, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Grammy's, CMA's and more. I watch and enjoy them for the entertainment. So when an award winner or presenter decides to instill upon me, their personal political beliefs, it really pisses me off. I didn't tune in to see how you feel about the president or the presidential election. I could care less if you are a Democrat or republican...if you're a Christian, Agnostic or Devil Worshiper. I'm watching to see who won and to be entertained. If I wanted to know your political or religious beliefs, I'd follow you on twitter or tune in whenever you are invited to speak on Meet the Press.  Oh you weren't invited to share your beliefs on Meet the Press or 60 minutes?  That's probably because most of us DON'T CARE.

Don't get me wrong, I love you Meryl Streep. You are an amazing actress, you've been nominated 30 times for a Golden Globe and won 8 times and you won the Cecil B. DeMille Award for your lifetime work in Cinema. You didn't win the lifetime achievement award for your politics and that's not why I tuned into NBC to watch.  Your speech was amazing and still would have been amazing with out your political views about the president. That speech would have had as much impact and meant as much with your political slant taken out....but I was so bothered by the politics that I neglected to even pay attention to the rest of your speech. I had to go watch it again on YouTube so that I could write this letter.

Now don't get me wrong...I don't care who or what her views were about....Trump, Clinton, Gore, Bush, Global Warming or George Washington.  I don't care if you're candidate didn't get elected or if you think the Electoral College should be eliminated and we all got screwed.

My point is that I didn't tune in to watch the 2017 Political Views and Golden Globe Award Show. I tuned in to watch the Golden Globes. Thank goodness there isn't truth in advertising, because I suspect about 10 million less people would watch the Political Views and Golden Globes every year.

And the Golden Globes are usually very entertaining, just watch Steven Carrel and Kristen Wig give an award at this years show

Also, Hollywood, please don't misconstrue my opinion of not wanting to hear about your political beliefs as meaning that you can't have your own opinions and beliefs.... That isn't my stance...everyone is entitled to their beliefs and views, even me...but please don't shove them down my throat while you give a speech for winning some sort of award for some movie that I paid my money to see you in.  You wouldn't be allowed to give the same speech inside that movie that you just won the award for so why should you include it in your award speech, right?

This isn't something new for me. I've been bothered political speeches on awards show for years...and it's been happening for's nothing new, but in the current climate it seems to be getting worse and worse.

So in closing please STOP.  I'm looking forward to this years Oscars and Grammy's.  If you really must share your beliefs with me, please email I promise that I will read the whole thing...scouts honor.

Yours truly

Mike Kasper


Michael Moore getting booed for his acceptance speech.....

...and in case you didn't think you can be entertaining and awesome at the same time while accepting an award, watch Ving Rhames during the Golden Globes in 1998


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