A bodega is basically a small owner-operated convenience store and you can find tons of them in cities like Chicago and New York. They aren't entirely limited to big cities though. We actually have one right here in downtown Boise fittingly called, Bodega Boise.

Located on Main Street, Bodega Boise offers locals everything from fresh coffee and salads to everyday cleaning supplies (oh and a pinball machine) and all for very reasonable prices. Hitting up a bodega is much easier for downtown residents than jumping into a car, driving to a supermarket, waiting in line, and then driving back. Customers describe the place has a having a great atmosphere with a friendly staff. It's the perfect urban marketplace!

Bodega Boise

Boise has seen similar marketplaces like Ford’s Market, The Metro, and the Hollywood Market but they've been long gone for some time now. Boise local, Taylor Hunt had been living downtown for about ten years before he decided to open a new market in Boise that has all the daily essentials in one place. He was inspired after visiting bodegas in Lower East Side of Manhattan.

"Our goal is to try and get the items that our neighbors need on a regular basis into our inventory, and to be a trusted and valued addition to the neighborhood," Bodega Boise says on their website. "We want you to come in, get a cup of coffee, and hang out for a while if you like. Get something to eat, and if you need some groceries, we will probably have what you are after."

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