There is still some great weather in this area and lots of adventure as well. November fall days are already shaping up to be some of my favorite.

It was a Friday afternoon when we headed to the water to check out some fish. It seems like it is always busy on the interstate and it was that way around 1:30 PM on a Friday. The temp was in the upper 40's so not too cold to be by and in the water. The South Fork of the Boise is running pretty low but still some deep spots.

As we approached the dam we started getting excited, and the drive seemed to take longer. We headed down the road passed the dam and found a good spot to park and try to fish.

There were fish rising all around us, and there was most definitely a hatch they were eating on the top. We both still went under water to try to see how that did. Underwater was successful for a while but whatever they were eating were too small to try to see and throw out.

It was another great day outside.

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