I got into it with a co-worker today over the absolute polar bear like mountain goats the roam around the Idaho hills. He contends that these absolute cutest animals ever look nothing like polar bears. I contend he's a hater and lives to contradict me for amusement. What other reason could there be after I've showed him this clear evidence!

At the five second mark this fluffy beast looks like he should be cracking open an ice cold Coca-Cola! Of course it doesn't look exactly like a polar bear because then it wouldn't be a mountain goat. It would be some type of bear, probably. But my main concern is how have I never heard anyone cite these as the most adorable things they've ever seen?

I have always maintained that pigs are the cutest animal. Then I saw baby anteaters at Zoo Boise and decided they were worthy contenders for the title. But Idaho's mountain goats just entered the ring with dominance.

Absolutely majestic! And the best part is that it isn't terribly difficult to get close enough to photograph their beauty. According to Idaho Fishing and Gaming, they can be found in the White Cloud Mountains and Northern Idaho. Like the gem above who was at Scotchman's peak. I personally would never hunt them, but I'd love to get my own picture of the fuzzy white beauty that stole my heart.

Just a little side note. It is absolutely egregious that Idaho's state animal isn't the mountain goat when it is clearly a gem. Get it? Gem. Gem State. You get it.

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