Volcanoes, gangs, and... snapping turtles? That's right, people. Snapping turtles and six other creatures are trying to take over the great state of Idaho and it's time that we defend ourselves.

Hide your kids, hide your wife...

Cause these critters are trying to destroy Idaho and are destructive to the environment.

You may be asking: "how in the world is a snapping turtle destructive to the environment?" The answer is simple - they're too badass.

People will often take in a snapping turtle thinking that they can raise it as a pet but don't realize how big and needy they get. Owners will then release their snapping turtles into the wild and to no fault of their own, the snapping turtles are good at adapting to their environment. According to Idaho Invasive Species, snapping turtles will basically eat plants and small animals around them to get by.

What's even crazier? That's just the snapping turtles and not the other six critters that can damage the ecosystem, crops, and even boats.

Let's look at the 7 critters that must be stopped before they take over the state of Idaho...

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Now, we can't talk about the critters that are trying to take over Idaho without talking about the eight-legged freaks that are trying to take over the Gem State.

I can't think of anything more terrifying than an army of spiders invading the very place that we call home. Unfortunately for us, it's happening.

Let's look at the deadly spiders that are trying to invade the state of Idaho...

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