Boise Bobcat Makes an Office Visit

It's not everyday you see a bobcat outside of your office window! But that's exactly what just happened 25 minutes ago! Located in downtown Boise off the intersection of East Park Boulevard and Broadway, my Townsquare Media coworkers and I couldn't believe what we were seeing: a beautiful, but terrifying, bobcat prowling about our office courtyard!

Ryan Valenzuela
Photo Credit: Pete Mills // Townsquare Media

According to Idaho Fish and Game, it's unusual to see the predatory cats during daylight hours as they're typically nocturnal creatures.

Bobcats are common, but reclusive in nature. They don’t often come out in daylight hours as they are most active at night. The rocky canyons with mixed riparian and wooded areas nearby make Boise an ideal habitat for the bobcat.

-Idaho Fish & Game


How Concerned Should Boise Residents Be?

Despite their fearsome appearance, Idaho Fish & Game writes bobcat sightings aren't quite as threatening as you'd imagine.

A bobcat sighting can be concerning at first with the thoughts of chance encounters with children and pets. However, a bobcat’s diet primarily consists of rodents, rabbits and small birds like quail.

-Idaho Fish & Game

What we should concern ourselves with are our family pets! IFG encourages residents to bring small dogs, chickens, rabbits, and ducks inside our homes until the cat is caught. If not, our animals could potentially face a deadly confrontation. Utilizing things like motion censor lights and noise makers are helpful in keeping bobcats at bay.

What To Do If You See a Bobcat In Your Neighborhood

Unless the cat is displaying unusual or aggressive behavior, refuses to leave your property, or attacks a human or family pet, it's unnecessary to report the sighting to authorities. If the situation does merit assistance, however, call IFG Headquarters at 208-334-3700 or use the following link:

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