Not to bum you out, but this Idaho pterodactyl sighting has been debunked... But if it isn't a pterodactyl, what IS in this video?

I had seen some rumblings of this on Facebook recently, something about a video of a pterodactyl (a flying dinosaur) being filmed flying over Idaho. This might be more exciting than a Big Foot sighting seeing as the dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago.

This is probably for the best though, if you think about it... A pterodactyl was a flying dinosaur that had a wing span of about three feet that was a CARNIVORE. This would be an incredibly terrifying thing to have flying around Idaho, trying to eat us up. Though I have a dog named T-Rex, that's likely not the dinosaur I'd want cruising around either.  A few years ago, researchers told us that T-Rex's might have actually been so similar to chickens, that they had feathers, and friends... That's TERRIFYING TOO!

So what Dinosaur would be okay cruising around the great state of Idaho? My vote, would be our long-necked friend, the brontosaurus. They're essentially vegan (they're herbivores that eat plants) so they'd probably be cool with us unless we tried to steal their babies. And they're cool looking! They're like giraffes with big donks, can't get mad at that! Any sort of plant eating dinosaur is cool in my book, if we're going to go the way of Jurassic Park. Unfortunately though, it's unlikely we'll ever see any actual dinosaurs in person here in Idaho, at least not in our lifetimes.

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