I remember when the first Jurassic Park movie came out back in the early 90s and the talk of the time was... is this possible? Could scientists really use frog DNA to bring back dinosaur clones? It's a terrifying thought, to say the least, and as the films have taught us, it's just not a good idea.

There was a point in time in the world when dinosaurs ruled the earth. While there are some theories out there contesting the existence of dinosaurs, there is no doubt that we have evidence in the form of dinosaur bones right here in the Gem State. Idaho, in particular, was once home to some incredible reptilian beasts. I was even shocked to learn that the franchise villain of Jurassic Park did in fact, roam the lands of Idaho.

According to Stacker, there have been around 72 fossils recorded in Idaho and they go on to share that "it wasn't until the Cenozoic period that Idaho emerged from underwater and conditions were right to preserve fossils." Idaho even ranked 21st in the states with the most dinosaur fossils.

So, let's dive into which dinosaurs once ruled the Gem State and determine exactly how dangerous Idaho would have been. Seriously though - can we make sure that absolutely no one attempts to use frog DNA to bring these creatures back?

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