I always knew I was a little off kilter from the "normal person" but it was never more glaringly obvious when we talked about New Year's Resolutions and I was the only one out of our 12 listeners to make one!

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I love the beginning of a New Year! It's a fresh start. A clean slate. I make New Year's Resolutions and I keep them. I write them in my journal on New Year's Eve and I remind myself of my resolution throughout the year. I love to look back at the previous year and see what I accomplished. In 2005 my resolution was to run a marathon, accomplished that on November 6, 2005! Not all my resolutions are as big running 26.2 miles. Some are small personal goals. There always seems to be a side resolution involving the number on the scale or the inches involved in buttoning my jeans. That keeps my sugar/carb habit in check. This year, my new year's resolution is to get a live outside Mix 106. Don't get me wrong, I love my job but I would love to put a little more time and effort into my life outside of work. Plus I have no trouble sharing my crazy life so it would only give me more to talk about at work. Win Win for all involved!

From what I have gathered from talking to our 12 listeners, most of the problems people have are keeping the resolution itself. I don't doubt that there is something that you can come up with to make this year better than last keeping it going all year is the struggle. I found this article online at Time. Hopefully it will help you make the most of 2014!!

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Source: http://ideas.time.com/2013/12/30/five-new-years-resolutions-that-might-actually-work/

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