This telephone scam could fool almost anyone. Here's what you need to be aware of. 

The new scam to hit Idaho targets your social security number. The tough part is that the scammer claims to be from the Social Security Administration.

A woman named Jenny Schults tells that the scam started out as an automated voice saying there was something wrong with her social security number. A live person then came on the phone and said that Jenny's social security number had been used to open several accounts, rent vehicles, and make purchases. She added that an abandoned rental vehicle in her name had been found back east with a couple of kilos of cocaine and other drugs inside.

The woman told Jenny that she would give her a case number that she needed to write down, but Jenny told the lady on the phone she was driving so could she call her back later. This is when the woman became irate and said things to Jenny like "why won't you just cooperate." When the woman got frustrated and hung up, Jenny tried to call back and got the "all circuits are busy message."

The reality is the Social Security Administration will never call you and if you get someone on the phone that is threatening or pressuring you to do something those are big red flags. You should avoid giving them any information and hang up immediately.

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