If you get a call from a number that you don't normally see on your phone, do you answer it? I usually don't. If I don't know it I'm not answering, that's my motto lol. That's what voicemail is for right? There is a new phone scam happening in the Treasure Valley that is not only crazy but scary at the same time.

Credit: ThinkStock

A suspect impersonating a Federal Marshal has been calling residents in Boise demanding them to give them the numbers off of a pre-paid card. The one most used is the Green dot Card. The pesky caller will say he is with the US Marshall's and tell you that if you don't give him the security numbers he will come and arrest you. Listen, getting a phone call from a high up officers in the police like that would NEVER happen. So if you get that call BPD is telling you to immediately hang up the phone call them. According to a press release if you are worried about an arrest warrant being put out in your name you can always go to their website and double check. AdaCounty.id.gov

So Mr. Fake US Marshall let's leave the phone calls and scams to telemarketers and out of country computer service people. Bottom line, just be cautious about who you give your information to, and especially over the phone.