People in the Treasure Valley are not stupid. Although with our busy lifestyle of always being on the go getting the rugged pulled out from under you can happen. The Boise Police Department are warning residents of a new scam that is starting to take off. 

What is really scary is the people behind this new scam are getting smarter and sneakier. Here is a run down on what is happening that you need to be aware of.

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If you do have Caller ID the number appears to be from a Boise Police Department number. The victim will then hear on the other line, someone claiming they are working with the Police Department and an arrest warrant has been issued for them if they do not pay a payday loan type payment.

So what should you do if you feel you may be getting scammed?

  1. Hang up the phone, and call the local police RIGHT AWAY. More than likely you will never get a call out of the blue saying.." Hello...just in case you didn't know you if you have warrant out for your arrest." These are things that don't come up as a surprise. You will know about one if you have one. :)
  2. Never Ever..Never Ever..Like NEVER EVER EVER NEVER give out your banking info to someone or a company that you do not know. Take if from me, from a guy who has stupidly had his identity stolen on more than one occasion this is a sure fire way of that happening. If you don't know it, don't do it.
  3. Look at your Caller ID. If you are getting a number form out of state, or you just don't recognize it best advice is to let it go to voicemail. The chances of anyone trying to put the "long con" on you by leaving a VM and having you call back just to try and sell it all over again are very slim.
  4. IN this case individuals are calling about payments that are not paid, so more than likely the tone of their call will not be a polite one. Do NOT BE HARASSED. I am not a confrontational person, so when people get cross with me it bothers me. These individuals will try to persuade you to send money places in not the kindest fashion. Stay strong and stick to your guns. If you know you have done nothing wrong then kindly tell them to have a great day and hang up. More than likely this will end the conversation right away.
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If you ever have any questions about the status of any warrants issued or placed in your name you can always check online by going to or call the Ada County Records Department at 1-208-577-3000.  - JD