Another day, another phone scam seems to be targeting Idahoans.  The United States Attorney's Office and US Marshals want you to be aware and careful with the new scam.

Idaho residents in Pocatello, Twin Falls, and here in Boise have received the calls threatening a pending arrest warrant.  They come from someone claiming to be a Deputy U.S. Marshal.  When the phone call is returned, callers go through what sounds like a legitimate phone tree with options of departments and extensions.

Once you end up speaking to a person, the scam artist offers a chance to avoid arrest by paying a penalty with a pre-paid gift card.

Authorities want to make clear they do not alert people by phone and would never request a pre-paid card number.  They urge anyone who receives a call like this to hang up the phone.

For more on the scam, check out this story from KIVI-TV.