There have been some crazy social media challenges lately, including jumping out of your moving car to dance to a popular song. Although some have made a big impact like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The newest challenge is pushing diners to leave a 100 percent tip on restaurant checks.

This could be at a coffee stand, a restaurant, or a bar and you're supposed to tip exactly what your bill came to, and use the hashtag #tipthebill or #tipthebillchallenge.

So far the hashtag has been used well over 2,000 times, which I think is fantastic. My father was a restaurant manager for 20+ years, all of my siblings at one time or another has worked in restaurants and food services work is not easy.

While I highly encourage you to tip well while eating out, if you do decide to be apart of this challenge make sure you block out any credit card information before posting the receipt to social media. Identify theft can happen from you trying to do a good thing, don't make yourself a target.

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