As soon as you step foot in the new Albertsons location on Broadway in Boise you realize how special it truly is. Even some of the floral arrangements set up as you walk in are simply incredible. The staff was super friendly as I was able to preview the store just yesterday, although they are doing a soft opening today and the grand opening taking place tomorrow (Saturday, July 21st) at 10 a.m.

I told you about their floral department and how great it is but they also have catering and cakes so if you're getting married it really is one-stop shopping. That would have been nice a few years ago for me. Next to catering is a new Starbucks located within the store. And above Starbucks is 'Broadway On The Rocks' a very nice location for an adult beverage whether your shopping or just looking for a nice place to relax.

Then you find the Sushi and Hot Food section that is stocked consistently with delicious choices. There is also a deli area with meats you can get fresh cut, with a huge selection. The produce section is full of local items and they have a large selection of organic products too.

If you enjoy drinking beer, they have a section for local beers then another section for domestic brews. Their wine collection is multiple aisles and if you want something specific that they don't have in stock they will order it for you.  Then I walked by the butcher and was blown away by his offerings. There was Wagyu steaks, huge tomahawk steaks, and they had a special case for dry-aged meats too. Next up was the fish department with huge crab legs, gigantic salmon filets, and enormous bacon wrapped prawns.

When I was visiting yesterday they had quite a few staff members walking around with samples of a variety of products and that will continue throughout this opening weekend. All Boise State fans are going to love this new location when it comes to tailgate parties. They open up early and stay open late if you need anything on the way home.

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