It was a routine trip to the Boise Albertsons on Broadway when we discovered the solution to an age-old shopping woe. We're baffled (and slightly embarrassed) by how late we are to this ball, but we've set our pride aside to share it with others not in the know.

ICYMI: the loops on shopping carts serve a real purpose.

You know the loop-like thingamajigs on your shopping cart? They might look like tiny extras, but they're actually the unsung heroes of Boise grocery stores.

Imagine you're cruising through the store, cart overloaded with groceries, and you've got a purse or a diaper bag hanging from the crook of your elbow. It's uncomfortable and annoying, but you deal with it and keep shopping.

That's where the hooks come in: they're intended to keep your hands free while you shop. To be more specific, you can hang your bags, jackets, etc. on them! Genius. How we went this long without using them is tragic.

Cart loops can help keep Idaho kids safe.

The loops on the child's seat of the cart serve another nifty purpose. They're there to secure your child safely in the seat. You can use them to fasten your child's seat belt or harness to ensure a snug and safe shopping trip.

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Shopping convenience matters.

With online and grocery pick-up services as popular as ever, stores like Albertsons', Fred Meyer, Riddley's, Costco, and Walmart know convenience matters. Thoughtful details like the hooks on your cart can make their customers' visits smoother, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

So the next time you're grocery shopping in Boise, remember to use those handy hooks.

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