If you are one of the millions of people who have a Gmail account, you should be aware of this new phishing scam.

The scam starts with you receiving an email that looks like it's coming from someone that you know. That’s because the sender’s account has been targeted.

Once you open the email, you'll see an attachment and if you trust the sender, you may try to click on the attachment to preview it. That's the scammers hope. Then, a new tab will open prompting you to sign into Gmail again.

Glancing at the address bar, you see what looks like a legitimate URL. The log in page looks legitimate, too.

But, if you sign in on that page, your account will be compromised.

And once the hacker is in your account, they can send emails to your contacts with actual attachments and subject lines that you’ve used before. Which they end up sending to them, just as they did you, and the whole scam continues.

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