It's sad to be writing anything like this but the Idaho Press has reported that Sage Valley Middle School in Nampa has already had two threats within just the last 8 days. To every parent just hearing that news makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, you never expect to hear anything like this but especially not here in the Treasure Valley.

Officials at the school posted on Friday morning about a student that was overheard threatening to come to school with intent to hurt students. The Caldwell Police were made aware of the threat by school administrators. The first threat came back on September 27th which was an online threat in which the police visited the students home and searched the residence.

It is incredibly sad that middle school students and teachers have to fear going to school. As a resident of Nampa it makes me nervous about what this city is growing into, although I truly feel these are not a true representation of most middle schools in the Treasure Valley.

It just shocks me that people have to think of this on a daily basis, I never worried about violence at school growing up. How does it make you feel as a citizen of the Treasure Valley? Does it surprise you?

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