I grew up being told that our family bleeds BLUE. Blue and Orange. It was Boise State all the way no if and's or butts about it. So for 20 something years it was all Bronco's all the time. I'm pretty proud to pass on that tradition in my house.

Friday's BSU v San Jose State game was my son Jaden's first Albertson's Stadium and Bronco Football experience. It was magical, and honestly it wasn't just for him. I remember the first time walking in Bronco Stadium and feeling the pulse of the crowd. I remember walking in with my Dad who used to play for the Broncos back in the day and smelling the pop corn, the hot dogs..seeing the people walking around with face paint. This was a full circle moment for me and my oldest.


To be able to pass the love of BSU to him is something honestly..I never thought I would do. Why is that you may ask...well because I am a proud Idaho Vandal Alumni. Yeah okay now that we got that out of the way, yes I have received tons of flack from other Vandals in the Treasure Valley. What is so crazy though is that I have found a circle back to my child hood with the Broncos. It was something that my daddy and I had together. It was our families thing. So now that we have been back in Boise for a year seeing this game was a way to not only have a great night cheering on the boys to another huge win, but it was a special moment to share between us to guys. A way to honor my past and look forward to his and many more games to come. I'm excited about it, and he was to. For a kid who normally doesn't enjoy any type of sports, seeing him get so pumped when we scored, and wanting to stay for the entire game..it was an unforgetable experience. Ohh..and probably the highlight of the night..was this question."Daddy..I thought for football games we would have more Cheerleaders." Can you see why this was such an important experience lol. - JD