Living in Idaho we are lucky for so many reasons, including but not limited to all the delicious beer we that is created in our area. But with so much competition all breweries have the difficult task of making their delicious drinks stand out. But some how, yet again, the Mother Earth Brewing Company in Nampa has created something fantastic.

A few months ago I found their Cali' Creamin, it's their fantastic Vanilla Cream Ale. If you've never tried it before it tastes just like cream soda. It is the perfect drink for a summer day in Idaho, and I still believe that. But then, they did the impossible and made it even better.

After a quick stop into PreFunk downtown Nampa I noticed they had a Cali' Creamin 'Vanilla Cream Ale Creamsicle'. They made this already amazing beverage even better by adding oranges, and it truly smells and tastes just like a creamsicle soda.

I will admit I was nervous that it might be too sweet for my taste, and after one I would have to switch to something else. But no, this beer was fantastic for more than one. :) I grabbed a growler and took it home, please remember to never drink and drive. But if you're looking for a perfect local summertime beer I think I found it in Nampa.

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