Last weekend I had the privilege of stopping by The Crescent Brewery in Nampa and really enjoyed their beer. This Friday I was feeling like stopping into another Nampa beer destination and this time I stopped by Mother Earth Brewing Co.

All of the online reviews I found were positive minus the fact it was difficult to find the front door to the tasting room. I felt like I was up for the task of finding the tasting room and after my first sip I was so happy that I found this place.

I ordered a Nitro Cali, which is their famous 'Cali Creamin' Vanilla Cream Ale but this was on nitro. The only way to describe the flavor is like drinking a really delicious glass of cream soda. I had never had anything like it.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

Savannah ordered the 'Call Me Ginger' their Blonde Ale with ginger and lemon added. It was tasty but we both preferred the Nitro Cali and can promise you we will be back for more of that amazing beer. If you're looking for a new local beer to drink that isn't too heavy but still has lots of flavor hit up Mother Earth Brew Co. in Nampa for a Nitro Cali.

Lastly, how could you not love a brewery that allows dogs to come visit. There were three or four dogs enjoying the brewery last Friday afternoon and all patrons loved it. The dogs started conversations between beer drinkers and added to the already fun atmosphere.

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