Why is it that in every neighborhood there are always mostly great neighbors, and then a few that are just a pain. A few weeks back I was talking about how it was annoying me that my neighbors were walking through my front lawn to access a community park located behind my house. Although I could deal with walking through my yard, the real aggravation was regarding people letting their dogs poop in my yard and not cleaning it up. It's been almost 2 full weeks without finding any dog poop in my yard but there is a new issue I am dealing with.

I cannot believe that I have to remind grown adults to be respectful of other people's property, but a few days ago my wife and I came home from a trip to the store to find a huge bike tire imprint across my lawn. One that could not have been made by a child, so now we have grown adults riding their bike across our lawn.

It's hard for me to wrap my head around this one, it's simply something I would never do. I know that people work hard to pay their rent or mortgage and that includes their property outside of their home. To me it's the same as walking into someones home and spitting on the walls, it's just pure disrespect. So, Savannah and I took the time to post on the Nextdoor App and tried to be very respectful while telling people to quick being jerks. The post has received around 15 likes or thanks on the app, and no one has complained about it. But I think after this issue popping up we need to plan to put a barrier in soon.

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