A woman in the Boise Bench found four syringes, one believed to still be loaded with drugs, in her neighborhood. Thank goodness she stopped!

She just happened to look down and see them while she was driving. At first she wanted to just drive away, but she thought about all of the kids in the neighborhood that walk right by there to get to and from school. She didn't want any of them to pick one up out of curiosity and hurt themselves.

Boise Police said reports of syringes being found throughout Boise neighborhoods isn't really that uncommon either. Over the past year he said they have had about 55 reports! I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open a little more. We have a lot of kids in our neighborhood and I can't imagine if any of them picked one up.

If you ever come across any in your neighborhood, they should be handled with gloves by an adult and thrown away in a container with a lid. Boise Police will also come out and dispose of them if you need help.

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