Today is my 39th birthday, and it's been a great day, other than the fact that I got in a Nasty fight with my neighbor. Here's how it went down.

I decided to take my nearly 16 year old dog for a walk with my kids. I am super diligent about picking up after my dog. I always have a baggy and pick it up immediately.

Today my dog goes to squat and before he's even finished I hear "pick up your dogs poop kids!" I yelled back nicely, "We are."

My dog goes down a couple houses, squats again, and again I hear "pick up your dogs poop!"

At this point, I'm beyond irritated. Can't she see we are picking it up and I am not a child! So, I yell back at her "we are picking it up and I'm not a child, I'm 39 years old!!"

She says "I saw you yesterday and you didn't pick it up!" (Untrue.)

I go home with all the fire alarms going off, grab my boyfriend, and we march back to her house.

He was calm and collected, I was not.

She went off about  how no one picks up after their dogs in the neighborhood and she has little kids that step in it and she's sick of it, so that's why she said something. (Hmmm did she not see me with my baggy picking up poop?!")

The night before when she had accused me of not picking up after my dog, my poor dog was constipated and as much as he was trying to go, he couldn't. She saw him squat and us move along and made an assumption. An assumption she admitted, and apology I did not get.

I was equally upset about her calling me a child. She told me I looked like a teenager, and as much as many would take that as a compliment, I'm a grown up and feel like I should be talked to like one, not talked down to like a child.

So, who's right and who's wrong in this case? Do you have the dog poop problem in your neighborhood?

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